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Hello darkwood-sca at armory.com,

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Here's an introductory message from santiago at santiagosmagic.com:

At the request of our lovely Baroness Lisel, Mistress Rose and I have set up a new Yahoo Group.

The intent of this Yahoo Group is to allow the general populace of the Barony to participate in creating a Greater Darkwood Encampment at various events such as Crowns and Coronets.

This group will allow people to organize their camping arrangements.

It is not intended to invite everyone into a single camp, but rather to allow individuals to claim camping space together in a greater community of Darkwoodians.  Everyone is still responsible for their own arrangements in terms of food and shelter.

Which is not to say that people can not work collectively if they choose to.

The list is currently set to require Approval from the List Moderator (myself) to join.  This is to help cut down on the possibilities of SPAMMERS.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to direct them to me.  I will answer everything I can and forward things to the appropriate places when I can not.

I know that I have not gotten all the lists available in the Barony so please feel free to forward this invitation to any that I have missed.

Thank you all.




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