[Darkwood-SCA] White Shield Thanks

catherine at redshift.com catherine at redshift.com
Mon Mar 6 23:50:17 PST 2006

Greetings all,

This is your recuperating head cook.  I want to thank all the people who
helped in the kitchen at White Shield.  From Griffin's lady, Jen, who came
in to help me figure out the electrical idiosyncronies & ended up staying
all day, to the two young ladies that Emily of MdR recruited, and whose
names I never learned.  Anella, John, and my fabulous lord husband, Hræfn,
all of whom mostly never even tasted the wonderful things we were cooking.
 Thank you also to the adult dishwashers,  Sir Leotulf, Jared and the
gentle who was introduced to me like this: "This is Jeremy, he likes to
wash dishes."

And then there were the kids.  My niece Emily worked her butt off.  She
was in the kitchen all day, washing more than her share of dishes &
cooking one of the desserts.  She was joined at the sink by Sean & David. 
Aidan & BJ fetched water & helped prep vegetables.  Even Zack helped set
up chairs on Friday.  Darkwood kids ROCK!

The nearest barbecue pit was out past the stables, so Jared & his boys
ferried meat back & forth, while Hræfn manned the grill.  Anne of MdR did
pre-prep cooking, and came in & kicked me out of the kitchen and made me
take a break.  Katherine of Skye plated all the dishes and I'm sure she
has lots of notes & ideas for next year.

I know there were more people helping.  Things got done & I have no idea
who did them, most of the day went by so quickly.  For everyone who
helped, thank you so very much.  None of this would have happened without

Caterina di Guglielmo

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