[Darkwood-SCA] Another thank you

Debra Cobb dcobb at mail.meyernet.com
Mon Mar 6 13:35:13 PST 2006

In addition to Brigit's thank you, I'd also like to thank everyone who brought and bid on items, at the Silent Auction and Live Auction at White Shield.  The auctions were a huge success!   I'll let our Baronial Exchequer confirm how much was made.

Special thank you's to Baron Erich for calling the Live Auction, to Marsaili for helping set up the Silent Auction, to Etain for collecting the money and to Theia for helping clean up the auction tables.  

Also thank you's to those who donated to the Live Auction:  Baroness Liesl for her creative notecards and embroidered napkins; Tatiana Todhunter for her handmade enameled pendant; 
Vincent att Wodegate for his Shoes; Caer Darth for their wonderful basket of fabric, gloves & goodies; Hawks Haven for their embroidered bookmark, reliquary pouch, beaded bracelet, woven trim, etc.;  and if I forgot anyone...you also have my sincere thanks.

It was alot of fun!


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