[Darkwood-SCA] Purg and Taxes

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Thu Jun 8 10:53:04 PDT 2006

Their Majesties have graciously agreed to let Darkwood pay our taxes at  
Purgatorial. The site is at Balado Park.  A wonderful friend of  Darkwood, 
Ysabella Dolfin, is autocrat this year.  If you can, please make  the time to help 
her with this event.  I am planning on getting there  early Friday to help set 
the eric and what ever else she may need help with for  the rest of the 
weekend.  As all of you know running a Kingdom level event  needs many hands to make 
it run smoothly.
 We are encouraging everyone to make homemade items for taxes.   If you want 
ideas on what to do please contact me or your local seneschal.   Darkwood is 
known for it's wonderful gifts and talented populace.
This years theme will be Roman.  As many of you remember our Viking  Theme 
was spectacular and I know we will make this one even better.   Remember only 
Darkwood can out Darkwood Darkwood!  
Our next meeting is Monday June 19th at the Elkhorn Yacht Club starting at  
7:00.  We will talking about taxes and ideas then.
Baroness Liesl
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