[Darkwood-SCA] Demo at Monterey Scottish Games Aug 5-6, 2006

catherine at redshift.com catherine at redshift.com
Thu Jul 27 18:26:59 PDT 2006

Montaigne du Roi is doing a demo at the Monterey Scottish Games & Celtic Festival, Aug. 5 & 6,
2006. The Games & demo will be at Toro County Park, on Hwy 68 just west of Salinas.  This is a
nice grassy park, with many large oak trees.  The Scottish Society of the Monterey Peninsula has
given us 12 participant tickets & 5 parking passes, good for both days.  Most of our fighters are
having life that weekend, so we especially need fighters (heavy & rapier) and a marshal or two.

What we have done in the past is coordinate our demo with the black powder & Gatling gun group who
we are set up near.  They start shooting & making a lot of noise that attracts a crowd.  When
thery're done, we start fighting & making noise, and the crowd comes over to check us out.  We'd
also like to find someone who can lead some dancing, and weather/fire danger permitting, we're
hoping to do a cooking demo.  We  also will have an opportunity to visit the rest of the event.

To request a ticket & arrange for carpools, please contact Baroness Liesl Helmschmiedin at
WINDSOR61 at aol.com or 831-663-0324 or Caterina di Gugleilmo at catherine at redshift.com or
831-394-1164.  You will need either your participant ticket or purchase a ticket to enter the

If more than 12 people would like to participate, or if you're just interested in attending the
Scottish Games, tickets are:

At the Gate
General Admission $16
Senior (65+) , Youth (8 - 16) or military $12  $16
Children 7 years and under Free

Advance discount tickets can be purchased on line from Ticketguys.com through August 5, 2006 or at
Comerica Bank (Monterey, Carmel, and Salinas branches) before Aug. 4th
General Admission $14
Senior (65+), Youth (8 - 16) or military $10
Children 7 years and under Free


>From Hwy 101:  In Salinas, take the Sanborn Rd. exit.  Coming from the North, turn RIGHT onto
Sanborn, coming from the South, turn LEFT.  Stay on Sanborn, it will become Blanco Rd.  Turn LEFT
onto South Main St. (Hwy 68).  After you cross the river, the road becomes freeway for a short
while.  Take the Portola Dr. exit.  Turn right on Portola Dr. and follow it back under the freeway
& into the park.

>From Monterey:  Take Hwy 68 east toward Salinas.  Take the Portola Dr. exit, at the stop sign turn
right onto Portola and into the park.

In service,
Caterina di Guglielmo

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