[Darkwood-SCA] Hawks Feast is a rain or shine event!

Hendy Appleton naadhira at naadhira.net
Fri Jan 27 14:26:37 PST 2006

The Baronial Archer has LOTS of plans for tomorrow. But I'm not at 
liberty to discuss them... you'll just have to show up tomorrow to 
find out what "interesting" things he's come up with...

- Naadirah, who has to live with him :)

At 12:22 PM 1/27/2006, l.masoni at att.net wrote:
>The forecast for tomorrow actually doesn't look too bad -- chance of 
>showers, worse to the north than down in the Hollister 
>direction.  We have inside space, so come on down and enjoy a warm 
>feast and a cozy afternoon!  I haven't been able to reach the 
>baronial archer to confirm his plans, but I know in other years the 
>Darkwood archers have not been turned aside by a few raindrops.
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