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Thu Jan 26 09:04:05 PST 2006

Good morning,

As most of you know by now, the Barony of Darkwood is creating a tapestry of approximately 23 panels which will be presented to Their Excellencies and the Barony at Darkwood's 20th Birthday next year at  the White Shield Tourney & Feast.   Each of the embroidered panels are recording a bit of Darkwood history.

This morning, we were notified that the panel depicting the Barony's annual Arts & Sciences event is available and needs an embroiderer.  All of these panels have been designed by Lord Raymond von dem Lowengrab, a wonderful artist whose works have graced the pages of our monthly Drum newsletter.  

The design has already been transferred to the fabric and the fabric has been mounted on stretcher bars.  The "kit" includes the necessary Appleton wool thread, needles, and embroidery instructions.

If you or someone you know would like to embroider this panel, please contact one of the following people as soon as possible:  Eric Bjornsson at redbear at transedge.com OR Catherine Lorraine of Stonegate Manor at connyftz at inreach.com OR Isela at dcobb at mail.meyernet.com

This is a fun project, and I'm sure you will be surprised at how quickly the stitching will go when using wool thread!

Yours in service,

Isela di Bari
(One of the Project coordinators)
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