[Darkwood-SCA] FW: [Scribes] Drachenwald Requests Help with finding awardees

Michelle Chapman-Thurber mct at warriorprincess.com
Tue Jan 17 19:46:07 PST 2006

Hi all,

If you know the whereabouts of any of the folk on this list, please 
do let the Clerk Signet of Drachenwald know as soon as you can. (her 
email is below)


>Below is the request from the Clerk Signet of Drachenwald.  They have a
>backlog of scrolls that have been finished but due to the nature of military
>personel not staying put the finished scrolls aren't finding their homes.
>She has asked for help in locating those thave earned their scrolls
>everywhere in the knowne world.  The list is NOT secretive in any way.  As
>she states in the e-mail response to my inquiry she would like the list to
>make it to as many SCA lists as possible so that the people may receive
>their awards.
>I figured that this was probably one of the best places to send the list.
>    Ian the Green
>    Province of Tree Girt Sea
>    Region of the Midlands
>    Middle Kingdom
>    "-----Original Message-----
>From: merlyn at virulent.de [mailto:merlyn at virulent.de]
>Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 5:08 PM
>Greetings  to all,
>I am Bridget Gerywolf, Clerk Signet of Drachenwald and I need your help.
>Drachenwald had a fairly hefty backlog which over the past two years I and
>my scribes have done our very best o get rid of. Now I have a box full of
>completed and signed scrolls with no homes. As many of you may know
>Drachenwald's populace is somewhat transitory and by now many of the
>award recipents whose scrolls I have will have moved on to other lands and
>fair kingdoms.
>I ask that you perhaps, where possible , forward this list onto your kingdom
>email list should you have such a thing so that all may see the names and
>maybe just maybe a scroll will find its home. I have tried to keep my
>contact limited to the Signet of each kingdom but that was not always
>possible and in this case have contacted the herald instead. I am sorry fo
>any trouble this email might be, but I am sort of in a bind and would really
>like to get these scrolls to their homes.
>I would ask that people contact me directly with this email adress.
>merlyn at virulent.de
>now for the list
>Adrienne de Pourquoy AoA
>Agorwal of Konigsborn AoA
>Alanna  AoA
>Alba de Perugia AoA
>Alessandra Giovanna Viscnti Panache
>Alfonso Henrugie de Montoya AoA
>Alvilda In Fagra PCS
>Andreas von Turmstadt AoA
>Angel de Saint Germain AoA
>Angus Duncan MacDougall AoA
>Annanien Thonainn AoA
>Aodnah Macniall AoA
>Arildh Bracke AoA
>Arionrhod o Gymru AoA
>Bonbha Ni Chearbhaill AoA
>Bryan of Twin Charges AoA
>Calibrid Setna ingeanheachtighearna AoA
>Ciara Bui AoA
>Comar Longius Blackburn Panache
>Conall Ruadh O Ceallaigh AoA
>Eckhart zu Westfilde lindquistringes
>Eilgri Beccan Panache
>Eleanora of Carlisle AoA
>Elisabeth von Crayen AoA
>Elizabeth Hollingsworth Panache
>Erik Rotbart PCS
>Fiacra Fitzhery AoA
>Franziskus von Bachheim AoA
>Gilbert de Bracton AoA
>Gregorio dello Falco AoA
>Gwenllian ferch Rhys AoA
>Gyles of Rochester AoA
>Hans the Peasant PCS
>Heather of the Forest Court Barony
>Helena van Aemstelredamme Lindquistringes
>Hilde AoA
>Hilde AoA
>Huw Llanfairpg AoA
>Isabella Des Estolies AoA
>Jeanne of Pontalarch AoA
>Jehan de Lorraine Lindquistringes
>Jelena Alesejevna AoA
>Jennifer Iliara Morgan AoA
>Johanna of Scarfinore AoA
>Kadakh Ba'Atuur AoA
>Kamal el-din Masoud  AoA
>Katherine PCS
>Katla Aasir Aaswald AoA
>Laurentius Astronomicus Andreae AoA
>Lianna Fitzpatrick AoA
>Madeline de Chelle AoA
>Magdalena von der Plesse PCS
>Marie d'Alise Saint Reine Sigillum
>Matteus Jacobus Lindquistringes
>Michael of Aquitaine AoA
>Mikhaila von Dhaun AoA
>Mogh Uai Nuadat AoA
>Mohammed al-Kasy AoA
>Morat d'Orleans AoA
>Muelech Mac Mouireagh AoA
>Murdoch of Muirhead AoA
>Mysella Kirkos AoA
>Niccolo di Tana AoA
>Olavi Tirwa AoA
>Rachel of Vielburgen AoA
>Reinald Van Milant PCS
>Rodair Ruske Lindquistringes
>Rudolf of Ramsey AoA
>Rue Eridorn AoA
>Sam the Tree Lindquistringes
>Santiago Llaurens Steven  Montalifero de Tortosa AoA
>Seamus Donn AoA
>Siegfried von Reudenswill AoA
>Thorkal Blackheart Panache
>Trevellyn Silverhawk Queens OC
>Tiara of Castle d'Or AoA
>Timothy of Porchester AoA
>Tolbert von Ex un Evenstein AoA
>Ulf Raude AoA
>Vaughn von Vobaughn AoA
>Vincenzo di Paparazzi AoA
>Wolfhand von Achtenturm AoA
>I thank you all for all and any help you may be able to provide.
>best wishes
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