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Zbrox8 zbrox8 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 25 19:47:56 PST 2006

ok, a little late for this, but I still would like to know whats 
happening tomorrow, and when.  I am currently planning on going to 
Whiteshield, even if Marinna cannot make it, and am quite willing to 
help out in whatever capacity is available.

Anything planned tomorrow?

<<  DEVIN  >>

Laurie Hupman wrote:

> White Shield is fast approaching, and there are lots and lots of A&S 
> activities
> planned:  competitions, displays, games and dancing, just to name a few!
> The competitions are Italian desserts, banner making, weaving, leather 
> working
> accessories, and accessories in any other medium.  (Hint -- I could use a
> couple of judges!)
> There is a vast display area for competed works and works in progress, 
> and we'll
> have panels from the Darkwood Tapestry Project on display.  Please 
> bring your
> works, completed or not, to show off.  Also, please bring tokens to 
> show your
> appreciation of our hard-working artisans' efforts.  Tokens don't need 
> to be
> big or expensive (for example, I use a small charm on a green tassel, 
> others
> have given small jars of homemade jams or glass beads), and it's 
> always nice to
> let somebody know you like their work.
> Finally, the Canton of Caer Darth will be holding Gondola Races!  
> We'll have two
> 10' "canal" racetracks, and you'll propel your boat by blowing through 
> a straw.
> Build your own boat (note, it has to be small enough to fit into a 
> raingutter)
> or rent one from our mighty fleet!  There will be children's and adult's
> divisions.
> Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, or to sign up 
> for space at
> the Artisans' Display.  I'll be out of the country from Feb. 20 to 
> March 1, so
> if you don't receive a reply during that time, please don't be 
> worried.  I'll
> get back to you when I return.
> Rose de LeMans
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