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Greetings good gentles of  Darkwood, 
Your Baron and Baroness need your  help.  We need your recommendations  for 
Principality, Kingdom, and Darkwood.  White Shield is almost here and I would 
like to our populace to be  recognized for all of its hard work. 
I am also looking for donations to go  into the gift baskets.  If you can  
help, please contact me off list. 
Next year is Darkwood’s twentieth anniversary and we plan to celebrate at  
White Shield ’07.   That means  this White Shield we need to raise some funds.  
We are looking for auction  donations.  Some of the cantons are  going to do 
baskets of really cool stuff.  Baron Erich will be auctioning off a stainless 
steel Valsgarde Helm  (_http://zweihammer.com/products.shtml_ 
(http://zweihammer.com/products.shtml) ) at the  tourney.  Vyncent has kindly offered  to 
auction a promissory for shoes.  We would love to have more of our artisans donate 
items for our live  auction. 
Remember only Darkwood can out  Darkwood Darkwood and this will be the best 
White Shield ever!  We are going to have tons of fighting  for heavies, rapier, 
and boffer.  This year Baron Wilhelm is bringing back the bar room brawl at 
10:30  sharp. 
Just in case everyone is not getting  enough fighting we are going to have 
flowers again this year.  Our lovely Caterina di Guglielmo is  making a 
wonderful feast. Go to the Darkwood web site to view the menu  
(_http://baronyofdarkwood.org/_ (http://baronyofdarkwood.org/) ).  There will be dancing.  It is 
going to be  great! 
Baroness  Liesl
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