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Greetings All,

In an ongoing endeavor to serve our beloved Realm,  the West Kingdom
College of Scribes is pleased to announce some new features  on our

The first release of the "Fast Track" is now  available. This system is
designed to allow those with a scroll awaiting  production to get their
scroll faster. Recipients can designate a scroll for  priority
assignment, as well as give us important information that will speed  the
scroll down the pipeline. And recipients can even jump right in on  the
production of their own scroll, to speed its creation even more.  Simply
check the appropriate boxes on the form, and we will match you up  with
the help, supplies and equipment you need to get scribing - even if  you
think you can't!

Secondly, we are seeking your help via the  Verification List. Use this
new feature to help us identity those members of  the populace who are
not currently active or not currently resident in the  Kingdom, so we can
better prioritize which scrolls are assigned first. Note  that no scrolls
or recipients are being removed from the database - we just  want to make
sure we aren't working on scrolls that can't be easily delivered  when
they are finished.

Lastly, we are inviting Peers of the Realm to  further serve the Kingdom
by waiving receipt of any or all of their lesser  scrolls that are still
outstanding. While we of the College fight  relentlessly against Dread
Beast Backlog, it is a fearsome giant, and Cousin  to the more widely
known Hydra, in that having cut off one of its scrolls,  many more spring
forth in its place. So we could really use your help! Those  who choose
to contribute to the Kingdom in this fashion will receive  priority
consideration for the assignment of their Peerage scroll, if it is  still
awaiting production. Note that waived scrolls may be returned to  the
active "to do" list at any time if you change your mind, or if  Dread
Beast Backlog breathes its last...

While visiting our website,  you are cordially invited to read the many
articles there, full of useful  info on how the College is organized and
operates, and to send along any  questions you may still have. Do check
your listing (friends and family too!)  in the Scrolls List, and let us
know if there are any updates.

And be  sure to read the new "Volunteer Opportunities" page. There are
many ways for  you to join with us to defeat Backlog, even if you think
you are not a  scribe. The College has need for administrative aides and
for patrons, and  has new programs in place for the new or not-yet scribe
to pitch in on the  production of high-quality scrolls. Our fair Queen
Eliška has also called to  Herself a Royal Scribal Corps, with a
focus of recruiting non-scribes to  stunt the regrowth of Backlog's
scrolls. To answer Her summons or otherwise  join the Army of Lightfast
Darkness in defense of our beloved West Kingdom,  look for the "Volunteer
Opportunities" to see how you can get started helping  right away.

And if you are a scribe...I will be stepping down as  Chancellor of the
College at Beltane. So if you've ever wanted to look Dread  Beast Backlog
right in the eye - or would like to again! - please let me know  of your
interest in the office.

Here are the links to the various  pages mentioned above:

Volunteer  Opportunities:


Fast  Track:


Verification  List:


Waive  a  Scroll:


Thanks  in advance for your time!

In service,

Aja da  Varese

Chancellor of the College of Scribes

Kingdom of the  West

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