[Darkwood-SCA] Darkwood Choir practice for Tuesday, Dec. 5, Seaside

John Rossignol giguette at pacbell.net
Sun Dec 3 17:38:16 PST 2006

The Darkwood Choir will meet for practice Tuesday, December 5, at the
home of Frances and Badger. Bring your favorite tea.

*** We welcome newcomers. :-)

Last night at Jingles, Darkwood Choir performed "Beatus vir".  This was 
somewhat a "spur of the moment" performance, but it was well done and a 
great success. :-) :-) :-)      We received a number of compliments 
afterwards, including a very nice one from the Bard of the Mists.  Erich 
and Liesl were *very* pleased, and Liesl told me afterward that she was 
nudging people and saying "Look, that's my choir!"

Also, some Darkwood Choir members did an outstanding job in joining with 
the West Kingdom Choir to perform several of the numbers we had 
practiced for this very purpose.  Every piece that DWC had rehearsed was 
sung very well, and I can truthfully say that "Gaudete!" and "Riu, riu, 
chiu" were the best I have every heard WKC do them.  Well done!  I am 
very proud of you.

It is now one month before 12th Night, and my plan -- if you guys like 
it -- is to continue working on pieces that West Kingdom Choir will 
perform then, so that we can join them as we did at Jingles.  I'll ring 
at least a tentative set list out of Alessandro at WKC practice tomorrow 
night, but if you want to practice before that, I am sure that we will 
be doing these pieces:

Joseph, lieber Joseph mein
Vitrum nostrum gloriosum
and probably Riu, riu, chiu

For those of you who have not seen this before, the West Kingdom Choir 
performance at 12th Night is usually done Saturday morning in the hotel 
lobby where people are waiting in line and signing in.  Our audience 
comes and goes as we sing.  Occasionally we have even sung outside the 
building.  It is not, unfortunately, a performance in a proper hall 
before a sit-down audience.  Still, it is fun, and useful choir PR work, 
and for Darkwood Choir members it is a chance to sing some 4- and 5-part 
pieces that we can't manage on our own yet.

Time: Tuesday, December 5, 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Place: 329 Ardennes Circle, Seaside, CA 93955

 From Highway One, North/South, take the Main Entrance onto Fort Ord
(Light Fighter Drive).

At the 3rd light, turn RIGHT onto General Jim Moore Blvd. (the right-turn
lane splits off a bit before the signal light).

Go past the second light, get into the first available left-turn lane,
and turn LEFT onto ARDENNES CIRCLE. (The construction barriers are now gone.
I almost didn't recognize the place.   ;-)   )

Take the next immediate RIGHT hand turn.

At the stop sign proceed on the left-hand road.

Frances' house is on the right, shortly before the next stop sign.

There is no parking on Frances' side of the street -- please use the 
other side.

If you get lost, her phone is 831-393-1070. However, cell coverage
is spotty at best on the post.

See you there.


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