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Time has a way of passing swiftly.  For those of us who are have not
marked it's flow, be now aware of how fleet it's passage.

The Bard of The Mists Competition is September 9th!  The victor shall
become the 25th Bard of the Mists.

Much entertainment and merriment is planned.  As well as a Feast, with
delicacies from the Silver and Silk Trade Routes.  

In honor of the occasion, the theme piece will have two themes.  Use
one or the other or both (bonus points!!!) -  Time and Silver.  The
other pieces are, per law and custom: a period piece, a piece in a
period style, a showcase work (what you consider your personal best),
and an on site "draw 3 words out of a hat".  If any have questions
about the competition, the duties of the Bard, auditing, or the event,
please contact the autocrat. 

Site information: Site opens at noon (if you arrive earlier, you are
set up staff) and closes at 9pm. There 100 places for the feast. Please
contact the autocrat to reserve a place.
Site fee: $15 for feast and site, $7 for site alone for members. $18
and $10 for non-members, respectively. West Kingdom Welcoming committee
will be on hand.

Saturday, September 9th, 2006 (AS 41)
Bard of the Mists Competition and Feast
Principality of the Mists (Santa Clara, CA)
St. Marks Episcopal Church, 1957 Pruneridge Ave. Santa Clara, CA
Noon - 9pm

Autocrat - Na'arah bat Avraham (Merrin Davidson)(408)848-5748
756 Maria Way, Gilroy, CA 95020
the_momstable at rocketmail.com

Cooking a marvelous repaste of dishes and delicacies from the Silver
and Silk Trade Route is a remarkable kitchen caravan. Bethia de la
Birche is the head cook.  Her team is the Silk Road Travelers.  If you
were at Kingdom A&S, you may have been fortunate to taste of this
team's cooking skills.  They were the victors in this year's Siege Cook
Off.  The flat bread in the first course is from that recipe.  

Bardic Feast
1st Course
Lettuce and Radish Salad - Persia
Pomegranate Broth – Azerbaijan
Hard Boiled Eggs with Balsamic Vinegar – Travel Food
Charoset Balls (Dried Fruit and nuts) – Travel Food
Flat Bread – Asian
2nd Course
Royal Concubine Drunken Chicken – China
Boiled Millet - China
Khochaf or Dried Fruit Salad – Persia
Sweet Carrots – Turkish
Halushki or Cheese Dumplings - Russia
Ciabatta Bread – Italian
Herb Butter
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil
3rd Course
Lamb in Sour Cherry Sauce – Russian
Mushroom and Leeks – European
Saffron Rice – Middle Eastern
Sweet Chickpeas – Turkish/Russian/Spanish
Georgian Green Beans - Caucasus
Russian Rye
4th Course
Glazed Walnuts – Egypt
Apple and Pear Sherbet – Persia
Butter Cookies - Turkish

This information and the ingredients list will be posted on the website

Na'arah bat Avraham
Bard of the Mists

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