[Darkwood-SCA] Need ideas for taxes?

Christophe d'Avignon christophe at games.sca.org
Mon Apr 24 12:50:45 PDT 2006

My understanding is:
No selling alcohol
No spending SCA funds on alcohol (except for a small amount for cooking)
No making hard liquor
Making beer and wine for personal use (for yourself and friends/family) in
small amounts is OK
Making cordials from store-bought alcohol and giving them away is OK
(because taxes have been paid on that alcohol already)

I doubt this is complete, but should be accurate as far as it goes (and as
far as my memory serves me).

As far as "paying taxes", Marsaili... Kingdom law requires each barony to
present a report to the Crown every two years. That's developed into a bit
of schtick where the baronies' reports coincide with gifts to the Crown in
the form of "taxes". And it's become a bit of a competition between some
of the baronies to out-do the rest. Especially after a few years ago when
Rivenoak had some really cool bits (including a life-sized plywood cut-out
of a camel, on wheels, draped with sacks of goodies) and after was
bragging that they had "out-Darkwooded Darkwood". We could not, of course,
let this stand, so we've been doing our best (quite successfully, I might
add) to put the other baronies to shame in our taxes presentations. <grin>
Not much process to it beyond that.


Laurie Hupman said:
> I think so, but I'm easily confused by all the regs when it comes to
> alcohol -- Caterina, do you know?
> Rose
> Quoting Ann M Morton <best_interests at sbcglobal.net>:
>> Greetings Good Gentles of Darkwood from Marsaili inghean Aindrais!
>>   I am making a rose cordial, is this the kind of thing that we may
>> pay as
>> our tax tribute?  Newbie ignorance limits my knowledge to the tax
>> process. :-)
>>   Marsaili
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