[Darkwood-SCA] Musicians for the Darkwood Ball Take 2

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Tue Sep 27 07:49:04 PDT 2005

Drats.  Realized there was no contact email in that message.

Darkwood Dance Minion

Fwd Msg. - 

Greetings all!

Please feel free to cross-post this wherever
necessary.  The Darkwood Ball is fast approaching
(October 22), and I would like to make an announcement
to all musicians that would be interested in playing
for the revel to contact me, or simply show up at the
event and express an interest in playing!  I have
three sets of music planned and one presentation
dance, and I can give the music up front, if

Please do let me know if you're planning on attending,
as I would be most appreciative!



torlanswingmeister at yahoo dot com

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