[Darkwood-SCA] Not going to Coronet?

catherine at redshift.com catherine at redshift.com
Thu Sep 15 15:54:37 PDT 2005

What do these things have in common: Darkwood, MdR, Arts & Sciences, Siege
engines, Hot tub, BBQ?

That’s easy, MdR is holding an Arts and Sciences day in Darkwood on Sunday
to work on a Siege engine.  Since it is at Catherine and Jeremy’s house,
the hot tub and BBQ will be up.

The goal is to build a simple bungie-powered ballista for testing
purposes.  Donations of meterials or the wherewithal to purchase same will
be gratefully appreciated.

For the less martially-inclined, I’ll drag out my cookbooks & garb
reference books.  As always, if you have a portable project you are
working on, please bring it along.

We’ll get started at 10 AM on Sunday, and go till whenever.  Bring
something to throw on the grill, and/or a dish to share.

Directions to Catherine & Jeremy’s
>From Monterey or Salinas:
Take Canyon Del Rey (Hwy 218) to Rosita (by the driving range). Turn
downhill onto Rosita. Take the first left onto Angelus. Watch out for the
storm drain dips on Angelus. There are 4, and the last one is the worst.
The 4th cul-de-sac on your left is Arbor. 800 is at the end of the street
and our driveway is to the left of the streetlight pole.

Jeremy and Catherine
(831) 394-1164

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