[Darkwood-SCA] Canton Meeting Notes - September 11, 2005

John Rossignol giguette at pacbell.net
Thu Sep 15 11:28:47 PDT 2005

Laurie Hupman wrote:

>September 24 is also Darkwood A&S at Coyote Lake in Gilroy.  Info can be found
>here:  http://www.naadhira.net/DarkwoodAS.htm.  Not only are there lots of
>fabulous classes, there will be an A&S display (finished or works in progress)
>and a competition:  "Food in Honor of Darkwood."

Oyez!  Oyez!  Darkwood A&S will also feature the famous Darkwood Bardic 
Competition, wherein shall be determined the next Bard of the Oaks. 
 Come all ye Budding Bards, ye Minstrels Majestic (or Maniac), ye Skalds 
of Scansion!  Here is the chance to show us your stuff in relative safety.

The terms of the contest are easy, nothing to it.  Each contestant must 
(1) A period piece, or a piece in a period style.  This can be a song, 
story, instrumental piece, etc.
(2) A masterwork (i.e. a piece which really shows off your talents; 
should be at least period-esque, sort of)
(3) A piece on a theme, or in a manner, to be revealed to you on the 
morning of the contest (Muhahahaha!)

The duties of the Bard of the Oaks are light, and the opportunities 
nefarious...er, I mean multifarious.  He or she must (1) present a piece 
at Baroness' Masked Ball, White Shield Tourney Feast, and Darkwood A&S 
(or have a representative convey your words, if you are unable to 
attend); and to (2) conduct the Bard of the Oaks competition at the next 
Darkwood A&S.  Besides this, being Bard also gives you great 
opportunities all year long to show off, make people sing stuff, and get 
away with really bad puns.

You have all seen how much fun *I* have been having as Bard of the Oaks, 
garnering fame and glory as I go.   ;-)  Here's your chance to get in on 
some of that.  If you are a singer, a poet, a storyteller, a player of a 
more-or-less period instrument, or even (gasp) a magician -- in short, 
if you are a practitioner of any bardic art -- here is your shot at 
becoming the official and beloved <g> Bard of the Barony of Darkwood.

Please let me know if you are interested in competing, or even if you 
just have questions about the position or the competition.

John Rossignol,
Bard of the Oaks

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