[Darkwood-SCA] Masked Ball lost and found

Christophe d'Avignon christophe at games.sca.org
Tue Oct 25 08:54:55 PDT 2005

Sorry, but my apartment really is furnished. I appreciate the thought but
I don't need the two extra chairs I brought home from Masked Ball. And the
fleece pullover, it's nice but a touch small for me. And the key, I don't
even know to who's house it goes!

So whoever left these gifts for me, well, again, thanks for the thought,
it's *really* touching, but I'm sure these items would really be happier
at their respective homes. If you know where they're supposed to live,
please let me know. Email at christophe at games.sca.org or call me at
408-907-2728 or 831-883-4248.


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