[Darkwood-SCA] Canton of Caer Darth - Meeting Minutes

Laurie Hupman rose at santiagosmagic.com
Mon Oct 24 15:25:09 PDT 2005

Greetings y'all!

The last canton meeting was held on Oct. 16, and was pretty small and over
quickly.  For the A&S portion, we painted curtains to decorate Caer Darth's
game & fortune telling booth for the Baroness' Masked Ball.  Painting was slow
(although it looked great!) until Brid made a brilliant suggestion to block
print the curtains instead.  Several carved potatos later, we had six painted

There wasn't much business to discuss.  As Henry and Eirny will be completing
their move to Arizona over the next couple of months, we've decided to move the
Caer Darth mailing list and web pages off their personal servers.  Master
Santiago will be sending out the info for the new web page and an announcement
for the new mailing list as soon as he's finalized the details.

Other stuff that's come up since then:

The Darkwood Drum needs articles, send them to Branwen at deadmidfiscum <at>
hotmail <dot> com.  If you don't have a subscription, get one!  $9 for a year.

The Late Season War (aka "Butt War") is on October 29, in Half Moon Bay.  And if
you're not going there, then consider a demo in Monterey instead -- contact Rob
or Frances Noelle Brewster (who's email address I've lost, but Rob has it <g>)
for details.

And for those of you who missed the Baroness' Masked Ball this weekend, the
fighting looked good from the outside, we had several people stop and play
games and/or have their fortunes told.  The feast was good and abundant, and
there was music and dancing and wonderful company.  Cassandra Rossignol is now
the Bard of the Oaks, and received a Toil of Esteem from their Excellencies. 
They also honored me with an Oak Tree of Enrichment.  And Their Highnesses,
Dimitry and Hannah, granted Awards of Arms to Rhiein and Cerridwen.

The next canton meeting is scheduled for Nov. 20 (that date may change so that
it doesn't conflict with the monthly heralds' meeting).  The A&S portion will
be a 12th Night clothing workshop -- books will be available for research and
inspiration, and many hands will be available to help with patterning, fitting
and construction tips.  The business portion and potluck dinner will begin
about 6:ish.  Any volunteers to host?


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