[Darkwood-SCA] Changes to Caer Darth Website and Newsgroup

Tim Converse santiago at santiagosmagic.com
Wed Nov 16 10:57:30 PST 2005


As many of you know in the next couple of months Henry and Eriney are 
going to be leaving our fair lands and moving out of kingdom.

For a long time now they have hosted the Canton of Caer Darth website 
and mail list, but once they are gone this is not going to be something 
they will be able to continue doing.

So, to that end, we will be making some changes.  I will be taking over 
these duties.

The new website will be located at:


and the new mail list will be a yahoo group.  The information for the 
yahoo group is below.

Post message: 	cantonofcaerdarth at yahoogroups.com
Subscribe: 	cantonofcaerdarth-subscribe at yahoogroups.com
Unsubscribe: 	cantonofcaerdarth-unsubscribe at yahoogroups.com
List owner: 	cantonofcaerdarth-owner at yahoogroups.com

The yahoo group is currently available for signing up.  The old list is 
still functioning and will continue to do so for some time yet, however 
we will be making the announcments of when the official change over will 
take place reasonably soon.  So please update your mailing lists 
appropriately please.

The new website should be coming on-line in the next few hours.  It is 
currently a duplicate of the old website and will remain that way for a 
while as well so that people don't get to lost in the differences.

Thank you for your attention,

Juan Santiago
Webminister for The Canton of Caer Darth

Tim "Santiago" Converse
Enter a World of Elegant Magic

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