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Thu Jun 16 12:05:40 PDT 2005

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yes, you read correctly: *new* regalia (including lovely matching his & hers
favors) -- that *ahem* stunning surcoat & helmcrest is being retired...

and Sir Leon forgot to mention classes (embroidery, drumming, and a few
others that I can't recall at the moment), a barter tent, and a
Casbah/drumming circle Saturday night....

oh, and also Saturday night, there will be a potluck!  Southern Shores will
be providing the meat, cooked by our own William MacDougall, and his lovely
assistant (me). If you would like to participate, please let the Gate know
when you arrive on site (so we know how much meat to go buy), and please
bring a side dish, salad or dessert for 8-10 people.

aaaaand, the weather should be great for fighting & camping -- partly
cloudy, mid-70's.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there!


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Subject: [sca-west] Event Plug - WAR! Lords
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... and ladies.  War is going to An Tir, but before you go, (you ARE
going!?) you can practice WAR and other things as Southern Shores WAR! Lords
Tourney!... There is a bird involved, but not a scrawny Cynaguan Swan, but a
plump, nifty looking Gull!...Plus!  Plus!  the winner gets to be the Warlord
of Southern Shores.. many a royal peer has gotten his start by being Warlord
of Southern Shores.   There's more! the winner gets to wear new regalia!
Cool!   Okay, I can tell you are all excited.  But with this special
announcement, it is a camping event!  two days of war!  stuff, War! stuff,
WAR! stuff.  But wait, also, there is some tournement fighting too! so get
your points!  and contests, and games, and FUN.
  Okay, ready to buy... all you have to do is come to Coyote Lake Park in
Gilroy (same site as Mists/Cynagua) this weekend and war! War! WAR!

I'll be there

Leon (a former Warlord of Southern Shores)

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