[Darkwood-SCA] Darkwood-ish folks and the West/AnTir War

Kaaren Begg kaaren_begg at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 14 11:38:44 PDT 2005

(posted to the list at Baroness Liesel's request)

Hey everyone -

Guess who I ran into at AnTir Crown a couple of weeks ago?

Liadain !

You remember Liadain... she and Megan Brenna used to be troublemakers in Darkwood back in "the day" - but now Liadain's all respectable and a mother and stuff! She even drives a mini-van. I almost didn't recognize her! :-P

She and I decided (we DECIDED, so no arguments, please) that we are going to go play at West/AnTir War this year. We = all of y'all plus whoever seems right = Old Darkwood, new Darkwood, MacWood/DarkTir sorts - whether you're living in the West, living in AnTir, Great Unwashed.... We know how it is with Darkwood: if you play nice, do your share, won't squirm when the ballsack gets passed, and won't barf on any rugs, you're invited!

Wilhelm is doing a landgrab, so you need to let him know you are coming (notice I didn't use the word "if")

- Kaaren 

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