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Sorry for cross posting, but the time has come to start the round up!

Have you been thinking about teaching at Darkwood A&S this year?  Even if you haven't ... Now is the time to step forward and commit!!  We need teachers!  

How about teaching something to do with Darkwood's favorite subject!  WAR!!!!  Or maybe you have a personal favorite subject that you just love to talk about?  Can you make something pretty?  Or useful?  Or just fun?  Want an excuse to just play? - How about teaching a Page School class?  Have an idea for a round table discussion? 

Let's face it - we are all creative people, and I haven't met anyone in the SCA that didn't love to talk about what they do in the Society!  Here's the perfect forum!

As of today 19 people have committed to teach - here is a list of these wonderful, talented, thoughtful folk!  I've also noted next to the name what they are teaching and if I need contact information.

Catherine Lorraine - Learn to Make a Viking Coat

Theiadora Groves - Viking Chain Knitting

Naadira Bint Ali - Middle Eastern Dance and/or Gothic Gown 

Robert of Ravenshill - Brewing 101 (or was it 50.5?)

Leisl Helmschmied - Undeclared

Erich der Helmschmied - Armoring of some sort

Aelfrike "Elf" - NEED CONTACT INFO

Anne of MdR - Two Laid and Couched Work classes - one for adults and one for page school

Tatiana Todhunter - NEED CONTACT INFO (sorry, I lost it!)

Caterina di Gugliemo - Undeclared

Santiago - Undeclared

Rhys - NEED CONTACT INFO (unless you want me to go through Branwen)

Branwen Cryccthegn Deorcwuda - Undeclared

Vyncente At Wodegate - English Country Dance, Gaming

Awrabella - Undeclared

Richard de Camville - NEED CONTACT INFO - Calligraphy

Sophia - 16th Century Southern German Clothing for Men and Women

Aurelia d'Ouessant - Undeclared

Isela - Needlework of some kind

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