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In service to those who are interested in dance, we are cross posting
information on dance practices and events that have dancing.

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> Subject: Re: SCA dance practice, 4th Wednesday/Menlo Park
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> We’re trying a new format for the Wednesday night dance
> class, modeled after the beginning fighter practice at Mission
> College. A beginners dance class will start at 7pm and go
> to 7:45. One dance (Amoroso) will be taught every week for 4-6
> weeks. Beginners are welcome to stay through the usual class
> from 7:45 to 9pm. 
> If you would like to be added to the weekly email reminder list
> for dance, please send an email to Crystal of the Westermark,
> xtalrock at yahoo dot com. 
> Dance practice this week is in Menlo Park. 
> Directions:
> Take 101 south to the Willow Road exit in Menlo Park. Go west on
> Willow Road, away from the Dumbarton Bridge. Go past the first
> light to turn left on Durham. Go to the first stop sign and turn
> right onto Laurel. Turn left onto O'Keefe. Go one block and park
> anywhere legal on O'Keefe or Central Ave. It's a one-story
> house, with medium sized redwood trees flanking the yard, in the
> middle of the block. 116 O'Keefe St, Menlo Park, CA. 
> Yahoo!Maps will also give you accurate directions, but will tell
> you to turn left from Willow onto O'Keefe at an uncontrolled,
> unmarked interesction. I don't recommend it at high traffic
> times.
> Dance usually starts at 7pm. About 9pm we often go to a local
> restaurant for dinner or ice-cream.
> see you there!
> Crystal of the Westermark
> (Crystal A. Larsen)
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