[Darkwood-SCA] Vyncent's spacing out!

The MOMstable the_momstable at rocketmail.com
Sun Jan 9 22:57:54 PST 2005

Everyone has occasional space out moments.  We are all relieved that it
wasn't because something dreadful had happened.  That's the important


--- Francis Classe <torlanswingmeister at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello All!
> I just wanted to apologize for completely spacing out
> on dance yesterday.  To give the full details, my
> doorbell rang at about 10pm last night.  Not having
> any idea who might be calling on me so late, I opened
> the door and found Na'arah, Francisco, and Leonor
> there.  Still very surprised, and not having any idea
> why they were there, I stood sort of confused at the
> threshold until Na'arah asked, "Did you forget
> something?"  It wasn't until that time that
> realization had flooded in to my commitment!  I had
> been so intensely working on embroidery for His M. for
> 12th Night, that all else had escaped me.  What makes
> things even more unusual is that apparently people had
> been ringing my phone continuously with no success,
> even though it was about four feet away from me.  Even
> more amusing, I had written Na'arah at 4pm that same
> day, saying that I would see her at practice.  In any
> event, I apologize again for spacing, and hope to see
> several of you at 12th Night, where we will put what
> you've learned to the test =)
> Sheepishly,
> Vyncent
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