[Darkwood-SCA] OT: Healing Request

Elsa DieLowin elsa at elsadielowin.com
Wed Feb 23 11:50:19 PST 2005

I don't usually ask favors of people, and I'm having a hard time
making myself do so now.  If you are willing, please send
energy/pray/Think Good Thoughts for me.

My first cervical biopsy showed "high grade dysplasia", which is to 
say abnormal cells that are just short of cancerous.  I need to have a 
cone biopsy which may or may not get all of the abnormal cells.  If it 
doesn't, I'll need a hysterectomy.

I have pre-op on the 24th of Feb (tomorrow!) at 3:30 including a
blood draw *gibber!*, then the biopsy on the 3rd of March at 12:30,
then a post-op on the 31st of March at 9 am.

If I make it to White Shield, I'll be stuck in a draped chaise lounge 
most of the time.

Thank you for whatever you are willing to give.

Cerridwen,  MKA Elsa

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