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Wed Feb 9 10:56:55 PST 2005

Item of interest from our Northern Neighbors, Southern Shores:

Newcomers Tourney is once again coming around once again and we
encourage everyone, not just those new to the SCA to attend.  Not only
will we be having our standard First Year, Second Year, and Prize
Tourneys, but we have added so much more to this years event.  For
those newcomers, and not so newcomers that are not as interested in
fighting, we are offering you classes this year.  The list of them will
be up on the website soon www.southern-shores.org. But what I can tell
you right now is that we will be offering many basic courses to get you
started in a new Hobby/addiction.  These include Needle working,
Calligraphy, Cooking, Brewing and Weaving with more to come!  Have
children that are also interested, well, we'll have games and a Page
School set up for them as well.  Beginning Fighters will also have
class tracks as well (for when they are not competing in the Tourney)
We are also bringing back the Second Annual Used Armor Garage Sale. 
Fighters... do you have approximately a ton of old armor just taking up
space in your garage/living room/hallway.  Significant others of those
fighters... are you tired of telling him/her to get their armor and put
it somewhere where your not tripping over it?  Have you threatened to
throw out that old stuff that's just collecting rust in the garage?
Well we're giving you that chance.  Anyone can bring their armor to
donate, we'll try to find it a home that it will be seeing some use. 
Remember that newcomers sometimes are a little lacking in the cash
department and anything that they can get for cheap will help them get
out onto the field so you can hit them with sticks.
We also have a Arts & Sciences Competition for this event.  The contest
is "Best garb for under 25$"  this is to show newcomers that you don't
need to spend a fortune to look good.    Undergarments which are not
visible and shoes don't have to be counted in the finished outfit for
purposes of meeting the $25.00 limit, although if you can manage to
include them you'll get extra points.   Entries must include an
itemized list of materials and their costs.  If you didn't buy an item,
then please explain how you acquired it ("found in a dumpster", "my
sister was throwing out her wedding dress", etc.)  Questions? Contact
Catherine Kenda of Stillwater (catic15 at earthlink.net).
The event will be held from 10 am to 5 pm at Kirk Park, 1601 Foxworthy
Ave., San Jose, 95118 (behind the Community Center)
We'll thats about it for now. any questions please feel free to e-mail
Francisco Acero
francisco_acero at sbcglobal.net  francisco_acero at sbcglobal dot net

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