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Tue Aug 16 10:49:17 PDT 2005

In sevice,

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Just a brief update

The Demo is happening right behind the Library, there were some
questions on where at that location it was happening.  There is a
lawn/stage area directly behind the children's library that can sit
300 adults.  As you pull up to the Library there is an alley on the
hand side of it that can be used to offload all equipment.  Parking can
also be found to the left of the Library.  There will be a location for
you to change on site if you are coming directly from work (like me).

Ok Direction to: 1276 Harriet Street, Palo Alto  

>From 101: Take the Embarcadero Exit WEST!!!! From there you go down to
Middlefield and make a right.  The parking lot will be on the right
side as you pass the children's zoo.  Now, you will be in between the
community center and the Zoo.  Head towards the Community Center like
you are going around the back, away from Middlefield (you can also
this way if you need to offload anything) The Children's library is on
small street on that side of the community center.  

Any questions, please feel free to ask me. Also here is the google map
for the location.



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