[Darkwood-SCA] Call for Musicians...

Hendy Lund-Appleton naadhira at naadhira.net
Mon Sep 27 09:04:08 PDT 2004

When is a Ball not a ball? When you have to dance to a bard-in-the-box. 
Live music is EVER so much better!

Darkwood's Baroness' Masked Ball is October 23. I'm looking for musicians 
to accompany our dancers. Vyncent atte Wodegate is our dance master, and 
the dance sets are published at http://www.naadhira.net/MaskedBall.html, so 
you can prepare music ahead of time.

I *know* you folks are out there. You appear magically on the Eric for 
dance competitions. You pop out of the crowd to accompany impromptu dancing 
at feasts. So, if you're planning to attend the Masked Ball, ease a 
first-time autocrat's mind and let her know you'll be there and are willing 
to play for us!

- Naadirah

We hold no great secret except this:
We know that all endeavor is art
when rendered with conviction.
                 - Charles de Lint

naadhira at naadhira.net

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