[Darkwood-SCA] WAR - Charity begins at home... but where does it end??

Rob Appleton corinthian at corinthianarmries.com
Wed Sep 22 14:22:34 PDT 2004

"Charity is a virtue above other virtues for she departeth every vice."
(Booke of the Order of Chivalry, Chap. VII).

October 1-3
Fort Ord Travel Camp


Yes - a war.
More than that, its a war being held for a well known and respected fighter
who is stepping down from the field this year.
He has asked this to be an event to raise money for the 'Make a Wish'

Are you charitable? Is charity the foremost virtue?

Step forward and make this an event to remember....
You can even use this weekend to warm up for the Great Western - or to cool
down from the Cynagua/Mists!!!

The event is free, but, we are hinting heavily on donations (suggested $10
and up)

Robert of Ravenshill


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