[Darkwood-SCA] Caer Darth A&S and Business Meeting

Hendy Lund-Appleton naadhira at naadhira.net
Wed Sep 22 09:29:27 PDT 2004

It's this Sunday! Join us at 1 p.m. for another A&S day. This month's theme 
is "help the autocrat get ready for the Masked Ball". We have some site 
decorations that we need help with (silk painting, some cutting of foamcore 
board, other misc stuff) - or you can make yourself a mask for the ball - 
or you can bring whatever other project you want to bring and just hang out.

The business meeting starts at 5-ish (i.e. when we have a quorum), and is 
the usual potluck.

- Naadirah, Masked Ball autocrat and shameless "put 'em to work!" type person

We hold no great secret except this:
We know that all endeavor is art
when rendered with conviction.
                 - Charles de Lint

naadhira at naadhira.net

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