[Darkwood-SCA] A Darkwood Dance Practice!

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Thu Sep 2 09:52:05 PDT 2004

Just as a F.Y.I (and a plea for assistance):  I've been trying to
organize a regular dance practice (like there used to be) here in
Darkwood.  B.J. and I have been attending Crosston's dance practice all
summer, and its done a tremendous amount of good for both of us.  I
have teachers who have promised to come teach.  I have a day or the
week for practice (Thursdays). All I need is a site, preferably in the
Morgan Hill/Gilroy area as the teachers are coming from points north. 
The site needs a room large enough to dance in, a bathroom, and a roof
to protect from the elements.  Anything else is gravy.  If you have a
school or church hall connection, or your home is big enough and
available, please contact me.  Hey, if my 10 year old can dance, ANYONE


Na'arah bat Avraham

--- masoninpo at att.net wrote:

> This is a reminder about the dance practice.  We hope you can come!  
>  When the Barony was young, dance practice was a big social event. 
> We would like to see that happen again.  So...
> I have exciting news!
> Hawks Haven is hosting a dance practice for the Barony at 7:30 pm on
> September 6th (Labor day) in Morgan Hill.  Vyncent Atte Woodgate will
> be leading the Dancing.  Bring your friends; everyone is invited.
> Medieval garb is not necessary.   So come as you are and learn some
> new steps or practice the ones you know.  
> -or practice your flirting!  
> Please email an rsvp to let me know you will be attending , if
> possible, so refreshments can be planned accordingly.  
> Thanks! I'll see you there!
> Ciao!
> Marco Nibbione
> Seneschal of Hawks Haven
> Directions to Marco & Adriana's:
> Take the 101 to Morgan Hill and exit at Tennant.  From the North exit
> and 
> continue right, 
> from the South exit and turn left to go over the overpass.
> Turn Left onto Monterey rd.  It's about the third light.
> Turn Right onto Vineyard just before the Chevron.
> Turn Left onto La Crosse.
> Turn Left onto Calle Enrique at the stop sign.
> Turn Right onto Las Coaches ct.
> We are the blue house at the end of the court, #505.  Look for temple
> dogs at 
> the door.  Lost? Call 782-7948.>
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