[Darkwood-SCA] War of Southern Aggression

George Carlquist redbear at transedge.com
Thu May 20 22:58:38 PDT 2004

Falcons fly Forward!
Helmschmeid hails his Host!
Tarnmist travels to torch our towns!
Warriors seize swords spears and shields!
Let arrows fly!
Achmere and Kathryn come to capture Koenigstadt!
Falcons, Former Huscarls, Darkwood warriors, Friends and Allies of
On June 5 at Coyote Lake, The Forces of the Barony of Darkwood will
gather to send the invading army of Baron Achmere the Reaver  and
Baroness Kathryn Spearmaker back to their Barony of Tarnmist in the
southern reaches from whence they came! Sharpen your axes, burnish your
shields, and string your bows for the war season is at hand! The mild
days of feasting and dance are over, the days of the wolf are upon us.
Baron Erich and I have many battles planned so that we may feast the
crows til they can no longer fly. That evening gather around our fires
and tell tales of your glories while we eat of the beasts of the Barony.
Eric Bjornsson, Warlord of Darkwood
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