[Darkwood-SCA] Sites for Masked Ball Oct. 23

Hendy Lund naadhira at naadhira.net
Wed May 19 10:25:19 PDT 2004

For those who don't know, I'm autocrat for this year's event. After a 
couple of brainstorming sessions with a few cohorts-in-crime, we've decided 
that we'd like to try to do a full-on feast this year instead of a potluck 
event. This means that the traditional site of Machado School will not 
work, as it does not have a kitchen.

SO... I'm putting out the call to all you Darkwoodians to help me find a 
site. Ideally we'd like a site where we can have a small tourney during the 
day as well as cook up a storm. Yes, the Sheriff's Posse Grounds in Gilroy 
fit the bill, but that is an expensive site, and while we're hoping that 
the plans we're making will boost the traditional attendance, I'd rather 
not bet the Barony's finances on that. <g>

I do have a couple of potential sites in Santa Cruz, but I'd like to locate 
the event more centrally in Darkwood if possible.

Community centers, churches, or grange/club halls are good bets. Please 
help out your autocrat and take a look around your neighborhood and 
community for possibilities. All I need is a site name and phone number - I 
can take it from there.

Thanks in advance,

- Naadirah

p.s. Don't worry - if we can't come up with another site, I do have Machado 
School reserved, so one way or another we *will* have an event.

p.p.s. And for those of you who look forward to cooking - you don't need to 
worry either. We still have plans that involve bringing food... <g>

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