[Darkwood-SCA] Call for volunteers.

Rob Appleton corinthian at corinthianarmries.com
Mon Jun 14 22:08:31 PDT 2004

Again, the call is going out for volunteers to help educate some 2nd - 5th

Where.... Salinas area (final site details will be made known to anyone who

When..... 29th June or 1st July, 8:30am til 12:30 final details to follow...

Basic info... Kids are doing a summer 'camp' to learn about medieval life
and activities, and one of the teachers has approached me to see if the SCA
can provide some 'live people' who can do some demonstrations of medieval
life and work.

I have only 6 volunteers at the moment and would love to be able to turn
around to the teacher and say we could get a total of 10.

I know this is a weekday, i know that hours are early..

If you can, PLEASE step forward...

drop me a reply if you can help us.


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