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Mon Jun 14 21:56:35 PDT 2004

Greetings Good Gentles of Darkwood,
   I wanted to thank everyone for their hard work at June Crown.  I had very 
high expectations as I know what Darkwood is capable of, and yet you all 
exceeded them.  There are so many of you that just worked your hearts out so our 
whole Barony could look good.  And we looked more than good.  We rock.
   I had more people come by our sunshade to compliment us on the running of 
this event, people for whom faint praise is unknown. The King and Queen were 
very appreciative in that they did not have to have any concerns about 
anything. Their Highnesses lamented that we could not do their Coronets as well.  His 
Majesty said that this was by far the best Crown he has ever been to and has 
ever reigned at.  He said he will always carry this in his heart.  They both 
felt so loved by us, they were truly touched.  
   Then came the taxes.  It was spectacular display.  You all looked great.  
The gifts were fantastic. Duke Fredrick of Holland told us our presentation of 
taxes was one of the best he had witnessed before any Royals in his more than 
thirty years.  People were making comments in the audience about having 
trouble being able to top Darkwood. The seemingly endless bounty of gifts kept 
their Majesties overwhelmed as each of you brought your taxes forward. Each 
subsequent offering seemed to be the end as there could not possibly be more. Then 
the chairs came out and just blew everyone away.  We made both their Majesties 
speechless. The bar has truly been raised. 
   Someone came up to me afterwards and asked how Darkwood was going to top 
Darkwood in two years.  I just looked them straight in the eye and just said, ”
We’re Darkwood.”  I need not say more.
All of you made me more than proud.  I have the coolest Barony.  I told 
anyone and everyone that came to me to compliment our good work that I could not 
have done any of this without the help of my people.  They are the ones that 
made this a great event.  Thank all of you for your unwavering support.  Now I'm 
In service,
Baroness Liesel
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