[Darkwood-SCA] War - Thank you!!!

kat at mbay.net kat at mbay.net
Sun Jun 6 15:18:44 PDT 2004

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for helping us have such a great War 
this weekend!

Thanks especially to *Lady* Anne, Na'Arah, Cassandra and Josh for being such a 
great staff!  Many thanks also to:

* Eric Bjornsson and Rhys Gethin for making sure the fighting went smoothly and 
everyone had fun;

* Henrico di Firenze for running the pancake breakfast Saturday;

* Baron Erick and Baroness Liesl for schlepping the castle and the barbecue 
back and forth;

* Their Excellencies of Tarnmist, Their Majesties and His Highness of the Mists 
for coming out and playing with us; and

* Geoffrey Scott and Vyncent for their eloquent grace and diplomacy while 
playing Three Man.  ;)

Unfortunately, the War was a draw; and while diplomatic relations between the 
two Baronies have improved, the situation is not completely resolved.  Guess 
we're simply going to have to do it again next year....

Thanks again to everyone who came out and played!  

     - Caitlin O'Byrne
       Koenigstadt seneschalthingy
       Unswervingly Loyal Subject of Darkwood
       Undercover Agent of the Tarnmist Greater Co-Prosperity Sphere

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