[Darkwood-SCA] Darkwood/Tarnmist War this weekend!

kat at mbay.net kat at mbay.net
Fri Jun 4 01:35:30 PDT 2004

Just a quick reminder to everyone:

The South is rising again!  What that means for you:

*  Lots of great fighting!  

Eric Bjornsson and Baron Erick Helmschmied have created some thrilling 
scenarios to satisfy even the most warlike of you.

*  Lots of food!  

Darkwood is hosting a potluck and providing the meat for a barbecue Saturday 
night!  Bring a side dish; and feast on the flesh of the enemy's cattle and 

The College of St. David's is hosting a fundraiser pancake breakfast Saturday 
morning!  Come out and support the students!

*  PARTY!!!

Well, duh.  This IS Darkwood.  :)

A few reminders:

*  Volunteers are needed for the Waterbearers.  Donations of water, Gatorade 
(lemon-lime powder only), pickles and oranges are always welcome.

*  West Kingdom Fire Laws will be _strictly_ in effect. 

According to the Rangers, we are allowed to use firepits this weekend.  Please 
place them only on cleared ground, of which there is plenty.  Please have your 
extinguishing method visible and handy.

*  The gophers are a feature, not a bug.  Please don't attempt to fill in the 
gopher holes.

Thanks, everyone!  We're looking forward to a nice, friendly little War; hope 
y'all can make it out to Gilroy this weekend to play!

     - Caitlin O'Byrne
       Koenigstadt seneschalthingy

       Unswervingly Loyal Darkwood Subject
       Underground Leader for the Tarnmist Greater Co-Prosperity Sphere

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