[Darkwood-SCA] Darkwood Choir practice - Tuesday Dec. 7

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Tue Dec 7 07:58:02 PST 2004

I wish you all the best of luck with Choir practice tonight!  I will be
singing with you in spirit as I am with the Boy Scouts tonight.  I may be
able to make it toward the end but no guarantees.  

Hey...you shouldn't forget to Mention Jeremy and Catherine also have Lucky
the Rabbit!


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The first-ever practice of the Darkwood Choir will take place this 
coming Tuesday, Dec. 7.  Bring your favorite tea and a mug.  If you have 
a folding chair that is good for singing, please bring that, too, since 
we aren't sure how many people will attend.

If you know someone who is interested but is not on the Darkwood mailing 
list, please forward this information to them.

I realize that some of you who are interested cannot attend yet.  That's 
okay -- we will welcome you any time.  In the meantime, read on.

To those of you who can't attend on Tuesdays, or can't start yet:  Don't 
Despair.  I am truly sorry that there simply was no day of the week when 
everyone could make it.  Tuesday was the favored day by a large margin, 
so we are going with that.  HOWEVER, there is still a way for all of you 
to sing with us sometimes.  I will shortly be setting up a Yahoo 
Group/mailing list for the choir.  Through it I will make available 
printable scores, Noteworthy Composer files, and Midi files for each 
voice part of every piece the choir practices.  You can use these to 
learn your parts.  If you learn them well, there will be chances for you 
to perform with us.  And remember:  although the choir will sometimes 
give formal performances, perhaps an even more important mission is to 
lead Darkwood in song, and then we want everyone singing.

TIME:  7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Tuesday, Dec. 7

PLACE:  Catherine & Jeremy's house:

800 Arbor Place, Del Rey Oaks

(Please note that we will try to shift the practice locations around to even
out the distances people have to drive.)

>From Hwy 1 South, take Canyon Del Rey (Hwy 218) exit, turn left onto Canyon
Del Rey.  Cross Fremont Blvd. & pass the Ralph's market. Take the first
right onto Rosita (by the driving range).  Take the first left onto Angelus.
Watch out for the storm drain dips on Angelus.  There are 4, and the last
one is the worst.  The 4th cul-de-sac on your left is Arbor.  800 is at the
end of the street and their driveway is to the left of the streetlight pole.

** Cat Warning **  
Catherine & Jeremy have a cat.

See you there!


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