[Darkwood-SCA] Fire Regs at Darkwood A&S

The MOMstable the_momstable at rocketmail.com
Tue Sep 9 00:04:56 PDT 2003

To: all those who are planning to attend Darkwood Arts & Sciences on
September 19th - 21st

From: The Darkwood Constables


At this time, there are some additional restrictions on fire use at
this event.  The Fort Ord Fire Chief is only permitting us to have
Coleman-type stoves, well off the ground, for general use.  Campfires
are only permitted in the two official permanent firepits.  These are
the ONLY fires allowed.  

This means, no candles, oil lanterns, or any other fire sources, except
for the above named types.  We are still checking whether
self-extinguishing propane lanterns will be OK or not.  

The Fire Chief will be coming on that Friday to examine a Regulas-style
fire pit to see if he will also permit us to use them for campfires.  

All other West Kingdom Fire Rules will be in affect and STRICTLY
enforced.  Fort Ord has already had one fire.  We don’t want to risk
losing this site

We just wanted to give a general heads-up to anyone who is coming to
the Darkwood A&S.  

If you have any questions pertaining to the above, please feel free to
contact us.

Yours in Service,

Na'arah bat Avraham
Jared of Castlewood
the_momstable at rocketmail.com

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