[Darkwood-SCA] Darkwood/Tarnmist War -- Thank you!

kat at mbay.net kat at mbay.net
Mon Nov 24 18:50:29 PST 2003

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who came out and played 
with us over the weekend.  We had quite a good crowd for a war so late in the 
season; lots of fighters, varied scenarios and ideal fighting weather--sunny 
and cool.

I especially wanted to thank all the people who worked so hard to make this 
event such a success.  

First, many thanks to Muirgheal nic Cord and Na'Arah bat Avraham for keeping 
everybody fed--and well; to Hraefn and Caterina for their help with 
everything from signs to setup and teardown to hauling out the trash; to Baron 
Erick and Baroness Liesl for the wonderful barbecue and the great party 
Saturday night; to Rhys, my M-I-C, and Eric Bjornsson, who designed the 
scenarios; to Christophe for filling in wherever he was needed; to all the 
waterbearers and support staff...  I could go on and on, but this email would 
get way too long.

It is always a great joy to host an event like this; and it was even more of a 
pleasure to see how much fun people were having.  I'm sorry to say there was 
not *quite* enough fighting for His Highness of the Mists; but we did the best 
we could with the limited amount of daylight available.  ;)

Sorry to say, the war was a tie; so looks like we'll have to do it all over 
again next year!  :)

Thanks again, everyone!

     - kat
       (Caitlin O'Byrne, Koenigstadt

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