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Greetings, Gentles all.

Yes, it's yet another missive from the An Tir/West War Autocrat in
to a repeated question. :)

Several folks have wondered, with the way Gate will operate at the War,
what happens if a non-member rides from far away with a carload of
Will the entire carload be held up until the non-member entry time?

Generally, if there's a non-member in a car with members, Gate will let
car through at the member entry time. By the same token, however, a
in a carload of non-members will not get the lot through Gate ahead of
non-member entry time. There won't be any hard and fast rule about it,
it will be handled case-by-case at the discretion of the Gate staff. The
degree of accomodation extended by Gate will likely be fairly
to the level of courtesy and adult behaviour extended to them. That will
true of the entire event staff.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if there are further questions on
subject related to the War.

HL Grainne Rosa Iarann
Autocrat, An Tir/West War 2003

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