[Darkwood-SCA] This Saturday!!! On Campus! Come one, come all...

Erica *** scifibard at hotmail.com
Thu May 29 18:23:00 PDT 2003

Greetings good gentles!

St David's College would like to invite you all to a Collegium, this 
Saturday, May 31.

Where? UCSC, Merrill College in the academic building. Parking available in 
the Merrill lot.

When? Saturday starting at noon, and finishing up around 6:30ish.

How much? FREE

Why? Because we are students. Because we want to. Because it will be fun.

So come and enjoy topics ranging from dancing to card weaving to fencing 
garb to crazy Irish literature and much much more. Students--last chance of 
the term to come learn something fun that has no homework, essays or finals.

Please email me or Darja at inner_kitten at cats.ucsc.edu with any questions.

Caellainn ingen Ferat

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