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Hi folks,

Because there have been a few inquiries, I'd like to set expectations
correctly upfront so that no one is disappointed or surprised when you
reach site.

The only similarity between Egils and An Tir/West War is the site and a
few pavillions. Please do not expect to show up and claim areas in which
you have camped at previous events on this site. We will not be able to
make any promises regarding reserved camping space with the exception of
Royalty and major event staff. All camping will be first-come.

With an eye toward finding appropriate spots for everyone, however, we
have an excellent Campmaster and staff who will be coordinating camping
space from Gate. The site will be "zoned" for large group camping, small
group camping, and individual camping. The size of the tents in question
will also bear upon which zone a group may end up in.

So, if you have a group that wishes to camp together at the event, please
contact the Campmaster, HL Dyrfinna Guthmundardottir, in advance to make
arrangements. Again, no promises can be given about exactly where a group
will be placed, but all efforts will be made to provide enough space for
groups to camp together if the appropriate information is delivered to the
Campmaster. If a large group shows up late and has not made any prior
contact with the Campmaster, we will still find you camping space, but
there's no guarantee that it will all be in one spot.

Please contact the Campmaster at v1rag0 at yahoo.com or (541) 607-3198 if you
have any questions or need further details.

Thank you,
HL Grainne Rosa Iarann
Autocrat, An Tir/West War 2003

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