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Thu Aug 7 12:00:29 PDT 2003

There has been a lot of talk about the Non Member Fees (NMF) 
instituted by the SCA Board. I want to review these with 
consideration on how they apply to Darkwood.

Basically, any of our events that have had their existence published 
in advance and for which we charge a fee or require a donation fall 
under the NMF rules.

These are pretty unforgiving. Unless the non-member is a minor 
purchasing a discounted ticket, three dollars must be sent to the 
corporate office.

There are no rules of how a member/non-member is determined. This 
seems to be up to us but I would think we are honor bound to use a 
consistent and reasonable method. We should talk about this at our 
next Darkwood officer's meeting.

The documents do not state that the NM must pay the fee, only that it 
must be paid. We, as an organization, cannot use Darkwood funds for 
this although individual members can donate. Other SCA members have 
made offers concerning this and there has been considerable 
discussion of what might/could be. Right now, we are limited to what 

I, as the exchequer, am required to report and pay NMFs within 15 
days of the event. This means the event constable must gather this 
information and forwarded it to me in a very timely manor. We are 
quite spread out and this has always made this kind of coordination 
difficult. If we have collected the NMF at the event, I can write a 
check to corporate as soon as the amounts are reported to me. I do 
not need to wait for a full event report or for the event money to 
get to me. After I write the check, I must send it to our Baronial 
Seneschal for his signature before the check is valid and can be sent 
to corporate. This chain produces a lot of chances for something to 
go wrong. I am depending on the event autocrat to see that the first 
step is taken quickly so that the ball is rolling. EMail reporting to 
me is fine.

Paying the fee is not an option. It must be done and done quickly. As 
I said earlier, I would suggest that the topic be discussed at our 
next meeting. Certainly, our autocrats need to take these rules under 
consideration, both in event planning and execution. The new sign-in 
forms, I understand, help organize the needed information.

I hope this letter helps everyone. I can try to answer questions. 
This entire topic is in flux with good chances there will be changes, 
perhaps major. Still, it is obvious corporate believes it needs more 
money and it will come from somewhere.

Frank the Fortunate
Darkwood Exchequer
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