[brucemem] poster problem

Evan Hunt ethanol at armory.com
Wed Jan 30 23:03:16 PST 2008

> Looks like there has been a problem with getting the posters printed in 
> chicago and we are going to be better off printing them locally then 
> rushing them from chicago.  Is kinko's the best bet or does anyone know 
> another option.  Anyone willing to help with the logistics of this.  we 
> were going to do 4 large poster sized blowups of photos.

I believe Staples can do this too, possibly slightly cheaper than
Kinkos.  They're doing the printing for the CD inserts, and have been
very helpful... and from a logistics point of view, they're pretty close
to my home.

You just want posters, or should they be mounted on foamcore or something?


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