[brucemem] Thursday status reports

Lynn Schroeder lynnsc95060 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 10:37:26 PST 2008

Hi all,
Everyone seems really booked this week and we are NOT meeting tonight,
so I have been asked to help coordinate reports from everyone on what
they are working on.  Here are the broad categories:

Lynn: RSVP
Brigid: Room & Food
Laurie: Program
Evan: CD, Music/Sound
Jenny: flowers/centerpieces, items for display
Tina: Display/Booth

If you all could send a status report to the group, that would be wonderful.
Also, if you have a 'want list' of things you need from other folks, 
please put that in too.

I feel we also need someone to help coordinate any volunteers the day
of-- the master go-fer person.  I could certainly get Clarissa in on 
this if you think she could just jump in at that point.  Ideas?

Next meeting is at ZNA on 31st for pre-staging and nailing down the
details.  (I will be there then).

Thanks all,

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