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Tue Jan 15 07:14:04 PST 2008

Laurie, Brucemems,

I love the 'Closed' idea. He would too.

I think arty, fun, and funky are all very appropriate directions. I
haven't seen the Closed collection recently so I can't think of a
particular one.

Bruce got to a lot of places after they were closed. Didn't matter. Their loss.

Anything important to you here Jenny?


2008/1/14 Laurie Becker <laurel at beckerhead.com>:
> Greetings fellow Brucemems,
> A typical memorial program may contain:
> Name, dates of life
> Photo
> Obituary
> Program of Service
> Location of Service
> Inspirational Quotes or Sayings
> But, at Forest Laurel Design: Memorial Services Division* you can have it
> any way you want it! I can go anywhere from Typical (yawn) to Cutting Edge
> (whoa, I've never seen one quite like that!).
> So, how do the people nearest and dearest to Bruce see this piece?
> Traditional, arty, elegant, fun, classic, FUNKY? Is it something to keep,
> frame, or otherwise save?
> And, what would you like the content to be? (If this is all too much, I can
> always wing design and content—just note I would probably lean toward the
> arty and fun for Bruce). And lastly, how much do you want to spend (I've
> ball-parked some prices below)?
> Other possible content:
> Photo(s), collage
> Bruceisms (sayings)
> Message or tribute from family or friends
> Song lyrics
> Claims to fame (obituary. I really don't like that word. Can we use
> something else?)
> Flying Toasters (I'm pushing for this one)
> Other works of Bruces' art
> Format ideas (approximately priced in quantities of 250):
> 8.5" x 11", folded in half - color, color one side, b&w one side - $160; All
> B&W - $40. Kinkos.
> 5 x 8" postcard, color one side, b&w one side - $110. PSPrint online.
> Greeting Card Style, 10 x 7" (folds to 5 x 7") color outside, B&W inside,
> scored but not folded - $160. PSPrint online.
> (If anyone has a vendor they would like me to check with, let me know. I
> just started here to get a feel).
> Meanwhile, please send me any images and possible inclusions to get me
> started. I'll need that Highway font too, if that's important. I may need
> the image with the highway sign on it too for it all to make sense. Flying
> toasters, anyone? Is one (or more) of the famous "Closed" pictures funny or
> morbid?
> Thanks, Laurie
> cell 252-2225
> * I kid you not. Not many folk know about this facet of my business (I just
> remembered it myself). I was contracted by Hildebrand Industries (one time
> largest casket maker in the US) to paint pictures of people (and pets) who
> passed and to teach other people to do the same in their company using a
> software application called, Painter.
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