[brucemem] "marcats" photos

Evan Hunt ethanol at armory.com
Fri Feb 1 14:27:08 PST 2008

Could you scan them?  I have a group shot with something about a "marcats
reunion" written on it, and was going to include it in the slide show; it'd
be nice to include the other one as well.


> I'm not sure what photos you've blown up, but I'm wondering if they
> include either of our marcats photos - the "gang" shot down by the river
> or the one on the steps at SC High. If not, I think I can find mine and
> could take them to Kinkos tonight or in the morning and try to enlarge.
> Let me know if you already have these and I won't bother. 
> Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow...Jan

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