[Bach] Chef needs hot chiles

Jim Mehl mehl at ihot.com
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It is nice to see old familiar names and to know that chileheadedness (is that a word?)
is not dead in the Bay Area
Jim Mehl
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  Long time....

  I have been using Cross Country Nurseries in New Jersey for my seedling for 6 years now.  They also sell fresh chilies at harvest time.  Prices vary.


  Check them out.

  Rob Rayment (former owner of Salsas, Etc!)

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  Just in case this group isn't entirely dead...

  I was at a restaurant in San Francisco called Source the other day and was treated to two excellent and fairly hot house made sauces to go with my food.  The chef was lamenting the difficulty of obtaining good habaneros and ghost peppers.  Anybody here have a good answer?  Or a pointer to some person/place where a good answer may be found?

  Given the nature of the restaurant, I'm sure there are extra points for organic and locally grown. :)




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